I kind of hated hard back books for a long time. They were so stiff and felt too precious (and usually heavy) to throw in a bag.  Recently, I’ve been gravitating towards hardback books for stories that I want to purchase and keep in my library. I enjoying seeing them on my shelf more than paperbacks. For some reason they feel more grownup?

I often will take the dust cover off so the hard cover is exposed. It feels so much more clean and calming. Maybe this is also a result of mostly just reading at home and not taking a book anywhere nowadays.

My new affection for hardbacks is one of the main reasons that I joined the Book of the Month subscription. You can pick a hardback book every month for around $15. They also give you the option to add a few additional books for a few dollars less. I don’t like that they include the logo imprint on the covers of the book though. I guess we’ll see how much that ends up annoying me.

For now, I’ll keep growing my collection with more of an eye toward hardback books and longevity. I’ll still borrow books from the local library that I don’t expect to add to my collection.

Growing on Me