Being a lazy genius is not about doing things the right way but about finally finding your own way -The Lazy Genius Way Kendra Adachi

My goal this year is to add back some non-fiction books to my reading lineup. I kicked that off by reading The Lazy Genius Way by Kendra Adachi as part of the Paper & Glam Book Club (I’m a paying member of the Patreon group).  

Here’s what I finished in January:

The Lazy Genius Way
Packed with good life hacks. I follow a lot of these principles already so I can’t say I got a ton out of it, but would recommend it to others who are looking to systematize your home life. Many of the anecdotes were centered around motherhood and small children which everyone may not connect with.

Blow Fly (Kay Scarpetta #12) by Patricia Cornwell
My partner and I started reading this series together last year and just can’t quit it. Each one reminds me of a Law & Order episode in that there’s a new mystery every time but some reoccurring characters and side stories. Really enjoyed this one and didn’t see the twist at the end coming.

Trace (Kay Scarpetta #13) by Patricia Cornwell
This one frustrated me a bit by how much it jumped between the different characters' perspectives each chapter. Like a lot of people, maybe 10 or so. Enjoyed the story, could have done without the disjointed chapters.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
A cute, unlikely love story that made me laugh out loud a bunch. Would recommend it for a fun read.

What I Read - January 2022