What I Read - October 2022

What I Read - October 2022

Cackle by Rachel Harrison

I picked this up at Barnes & Noble for another fun October read. I'll admit, the cover got me. To me, it was a story of finding yourself and how scary that can be. But like, with witches. Recommend.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

I wanted to get back into reading classics and my pick for this month was recommended by my son, Nick. I feel like it took about 100 pages for this to get interesting for me but after that things really started to spice up. I didn't expect the kind of mystical (magical?) element. It was small but there. Was this before fantasy in books existed? I'm not sure but I wonder if that part had to be subtle because they still murdered women for being witches.

All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers

The genre category for book club this month was Thriller/Suspense and this won the poll by a huge margin. I've heard the author also is a widely successful podcast host and so that may have contributed it. Honestly, I almost returned this after reading the first chapter. Not because of the story at all but because it jumped to a different character and timeline in chapter two. Then I realized that each chapter is titled with the character's name and year. It jumps between Krissy in 1994 and Margo in 2009. As I've said before, books with an extremely non-linear timeline are my enemy and I didn't think I could stomach this one. But I decided to get through it for book club. It turned out to not switch between the character/timeline in every chapter and sometimes there were several chapters with the same character storyline. Eventually, the twists kept me reading and the story jumping wasn't so bothersome to me. Anyway, this story is told from the perspective of a mother in 1994 who recently lost a child and a young, struggling reporter who moved back to her hometown to help support an ailing family member. I feel like I didn't get closure from the ending, but I enjoyed it enough.