My Five Rules of Reading

My Five Rules of Reading
Photo by Tom Hermans / Unsplash

Season 3, episode #39 of The Currently Reading podcast mentioned a video by Ryan Holiday where he described his 8 rules for reading. In this less than one-minute video, Ryan gives his rules in rapid-fire style and they seem to focus on non-fiction style reading. In the podcast, the hosts discussed what their personal rules for reading are, limiting this to five each. I thought it would be fun to consider my own five rules of reading and record those here.

  1. Any format counts. Audiobooks are reading. E-books are reading. Magazines are reading. Graphic novels are reading.
  2. For non-fiction, don't move on to the next book until you've found a way to apply something from what you just read. Even if it’s just a plan on how you will apply something.
  3. Don’t add a book to your library if you don’t think you’ll read it again. If I don’t think I will reread a book, I pass it on or take it to the local book shop for credit.
  4. Always know what you’re going to read next. Keep a TBR pile handy so you can go to the next book without needing to make a decision about it.
  5. It’s impossible to waste money on a book. My book budget is unlimited.