Secrets and Lies by Selena Montgomery by Stacey Abrams
I picked this up off a display at the library while I was checking out another book. I didn’t, however, realize that it’s a romantic suspense novel. It just looked like a good old murder mystery. So, that was a surprise. What really bothered me about this story though was the lack of plain language. I had to look up more than a handful of words and it all just seemed unnecessary. I did learn that the word turgid can be used for boner, so that’s something.

The Programmer’s Brain by Felinne Hermans
A wonderful cognitive science book that will help you understand how the brain operates and how to leverage your memory to improve programming skills and habits, both as an individual developer and when collaborating with others. I love books about how we think so, of course, I'm going to recommend this one. I like that it included explanations of the inner workings of the brain as well as strategies and exercises to apply that understanding. The code examples are in several different languages, but you don't need to be particularly knowledgeable in any of them. I would add this to this list of books that every programmer should read. It's that good!

Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments by T. L. Huchu
A great follow-up to The Library of the Dead. In this second story about Ropa Moya, we’re once again following along on her adventures into the magical and otherworldly. Her band of friends is back including her fox, River, who has more of a role in this story. Huchu is slowly rolling out more history of the magic in this series and this book tells more about the interwoven relationship of the Society and The Bank of Scotland. I’m glad to see Ropa working on her magical skills but, of course, she’s effing up all along the way to solving the mystery of several sick students. Will for sure look for the next installment of this series when it’s out.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz
No thoughts on this one yet. Plan to re-read it.

What I Read - April 2022